Montag, November 15, 2004

The 2003 Iraq War, Part 42

Milten from Dar es Salaam has a bleak outlook at the future of Iraq in the wake of the recent battle in Falluja. He writes in the BBC News Have Your Say section (links and emphasis mine):
I am quite appalled by the lack of sensitivity to the loss of Iraqis lives. The BBC reporter informs that the so called Iraqi forces are actually coming from Kurdish part of Iraq. What the US is doing now is to let brother kill brother. The war started with WMDs, the regime change, then capturing Saddam and his sons, then out of nowhere Zarqawi who popped up in Falluja. I am starting to see the next reason to stay in Iraq.

Sources:Some more food for thought: Danny Schechter, Selling the War, AlterNet