Dienstag, Juni 19, 2007


Well, reading this two years later, I must say that I'm very sorry for having singled out the Mac shareware developers.

Clearly, they are no different from any other commercial software outfit that sells retail software, either in stores or over the web. It just makes NO SENSE to have so many apps that all do the same and all do it a little different and none of them do exactly what you want. What a waste.

It's exactly like with Free Software. But at least, with Free Software you don't have to pay for this misery.

The new version of office package X is so much better than office package Y that you're currently using? Then Switch! Just do it. They all talk ODF anyway, so your data and investment is not lost.

And if you're coding for web browser A and web browser B has this really great feature then you can just go and look at how they do it and copy their ideas. For free! How cool is that.

Consumers should start boycotting commercial software. We programmers won't starve, there's enough work to do for all of us.

And imagine what great software we could have if every line of source code written was shared freely.