Dienstag, November 16, 2004

The 2003 Iraq War, Part 43

After Abu Ghraib there's another incident where US forces apparently show total disregard for the Geneva Conventions. As the BBC reports, a US soldier is being investigated for executing an Iraqi Prisoner of War.
US investigates Falluja killing

The US military is looking into whether an American marine in Falluja shot dead a severely wounded Iraqi insurgent at point-blank range.

Television footage shows US soldiers entering a building as injured prisoners lie on the floor.


The images of the alleged point-blank shooting of an Iraqi insurgent were taken by an NBC reporter embedded with the US troops in the Sunni city under assault.

The BBC's James Robbins says the incident could prove highly damaging and that the US military will need to answer key questions about whether the rules of engagement were broken during the incident.

It must explain, he says, whether wounded combatants were abandoned, or killed, illegally.

The Administration of course keeps reiterating its position, that all laws of war are being followed. Well, Gonzales memos appear to say differently, and the ICRC is still not allowed into Falluja. You make up your own mind.