Montag, November 22, 2004

Smash Hit!

Spaniards hammer out work stress

A Spanish scrapyard has come up with a smashing way of helping people take out their frustrations on modern living.

For 40 euros ($52), they can pick up sledgehammers and bash away on anything from cars and computers to mobile phones and even photos of the boss.


Along with a hammer, customers are given helmets, overalls, goggles and heavy metal music for head banging.


[Co-founder Jorge Arribas] said some people brought photos of their bosses and put them on top of cars before attacking them with a hammer.

"It is brilliant, fantastic... I have got rid of all my stress," Mariano Garcia, from Cadiz, told Reuters television.


Vielleicht kann ja jemand hier in Berlin eine Ich-AG grĂ¼nden?