Samstag, März 12, 2005

Guns don't kill people ...

I'd like to point your attention at a BBC News article from two hours ago:
Four die in gun spree at US hotel

Four people have been shot dead and up to eight others hurt by a gunman who opened fire at a US hotel, reports say.

The gunman shot and killed himself after the shooting spree.


Up to eight people with a range of injuries were taken to hospital. The dead and injured ranged in age from teenagers to the over-60s, police said.

(Emphasis mine)

If this isn't the perfect example, why something is wrong in the United States with regard to guns, I don't know what is. In the Western world they are the only country which allow private ownership of guns. They also have a extremely high homicide rate. Do we see a correlation here?

I admit, I just lied. In Switzerland and Canada people have guns, too. What can I say?

Well, for example, in Switzerland every male human being is given a gun at the age of 18. He also gets a full military education. That's because until they are 34, they are part of the Swiss defense forces and have to train for three weeks every year or so. By the way, women can apply , too.

So that explained Switzerland away. Let's go on with Canada, shall we?

I defer to Micheal Moore for the analysis of this conundrum, which he laid out in Bowling For Columbine. What's the difference with between the US and Canada? Fear and a gung-ho attitude about gun rights.

Is it so hard to realize that carrying a gun doesn't give you protection per se, although you "carry it for protection?"

Is it so hard to realize that clinging to your 2nd right in the Bill Of Rights doesn't necessarily add "to the security of a free State", when the State has Abram tanks, F-18s and Daisy Cutters?

Is it so hard to realize that revolutions are possible without firing a single shot?

And what's up with the attitude that if someone comes into my house I can shoot him?! Is my property more sacred than a human life?! This is outrageous! Oh, I know, it's for protection. That's right.

You want to know the difference between German burglars and American burglars? German burglars generally don't have guns.

There's a popular saying which goes like this: Guns don't kill, people do. Well, you know what? People don't kill, bullets do.