Montag, Januar 17, 2005

Sick, sick, SICK!

The BBC writes, that a Thai prison plans to introduce webcams on their death-row to show the life of inmates up to the point where they get executed.
A prison in the Thai capital, Bangkok, is planning to broadcast inmates' daily lives, as well as their final moments before execution, live on the internet.


A spokesman for the Bangkwang prison said the scheme will highlight the risks of drug dealing, which carries the death sentence in Thailand.

Thailand has currently 1000 prisoners on death-row. The video (search for "Inside Prison Video" on the page) is currently not working but is slated to be introduced soon.

The AP has more:

The idea of a "jail-cam" is not original. In Maricopa Country in the U.S. state of Arizona, the local sheriff several years ago installed three cameras feeding live video of a men's holding cell, a booking area and an incoming inmate pat-down area on his Web site. Those seen on the broadcast had not yet been tried.

However, in August last year, a federal appeals panel upheld a lower court's decision to stop the transmissions, after former inmates filed a lawsuit alleging that the use of the cameras amounted to unconstitutional punishment of people who had not been convicted of a crime.

One of the judges from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the practice "constitutes a level of humiliation that almost anyone would regard as profoundly undesirable."

(Emphasis mine)